New News

November 20, 2015

For the past several years, we have used equipment from Yellowstone Track System. The same groomers used in 3 of the last 4 Olympics. We have just order a new piece, the 84 Inch groomer with another track setter. We will set the new one up with double track which will allow us to set

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Volunteers needed this Saturday the 21st

November 17, 2015

Over the years many of our wonderful friends have offered to come out here to The Wilderness Lodge and help out one way or another. The wind storms these last couple weeks have put us in a position to ask for help. Most of the full trees that fell have already been removed but there

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Trail Day Oct. 31

October 23, 2015

Mark the date. Saturday, October 31, 9-13. Trail Work Day..need not stay all day. We have some specific projects but if you want to just walk the trails near the lodge and pick up sticks, that works as well. Lunch will be served so please let us know if you will attend. or call

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Season come to a close.

April 5, 2015

What a year!  From November.    To Saturday April 5th.    We have been blessed with good snow.   Good friends..  Good fun…Good skiing!      We leave you with this message… Thanks so much for coming and sharing this wonderful experience. Until we meet again. Your friends at…   

Shhhh. It’s a secret…

March 28, 2015

tis the time of year when the white whiskered wizards and the knobby kneed gnomes come and visit the wild woods. They come to meet with the freckled fairies (not to be confused with the fair fairies over the glen near the glade) to tell winter stories, tales of wonderous storms with whipping winds and

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Sunday Morning

March 22, 2015

it’s worth the drive! We groomed this morning on the lodge side to top dress the skating lanes. Where we went, there is an inch and a half of granular, level and quick. Everywhere else is brutal hard.   We will add a couple more miles this morning  and call it a day.  It’s officially

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This weekend update

March 21, 2015

looks like last weekend……the “R” word tomorrow followed by a beautiful cool Sunday with lots of beautiful snow. Trails are open for your skiing pleasure. Is it true that spring skiing is the best? Could it be similar to the attempt to recapture moments of a misspent youth as someone fades into middle something. We

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Friday the 13th.

March 13, 2015

Is there any correlation between the glass being half full versus half empty and the role of superstition?  One could argue that the pessimistic mind is more prone to negative thinking and therefore more apt to dwell on the possibility of increased risk caused by black cats, broken mirrors and foreboding dates and numbers.  The

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Cymru am byth “Wales for ever”

March 7, 2015

March 10th. Is Saint David’s day, a national day of holiday in Wales. Saint David was a fifth century cleric, who became the patron saint of Wales. The most famous story of Saint David is that he was preaching to a large crowd of people and the ground is said to have risen up so

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