We have a reason for you to come to the Lodge next Saturday!!

February 19, 2018

55 degrees and the R word…we will be closed Monday. With that, we want to add that we had a lot of smiling skiers this weekend from as far away as Cincinnati and Philadelphia. We were lucky to be on this hill and able to hold the snow…but coming mid- February warm up will wipe

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Fresh snow!

February 18, 2018

Skiing will be better than yesterday.. We are fortunate to be open, Next week looks bad…warm and rain. No appreciable snow into the beginning of March…

Something new

February 18, 2018

Found by Joe and Cassie Prochaska from Akron while snowshoeing across the road at the Lodge. Interesting ice formation… possibly Rabbit Ice???

We are OPEN!

February 16, 2018

The field has an unmanageable, unskiable patch of ice… The woods are covered and we are sending the groomers out. Calling it spring skiing..miles of wonderful white with some not so good in between. Possibly an inch over night. Not enough to help the field but it would make the woods that much better. If

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Bomb proof..and Closed

February 13, 2018

Everything is white and we want it to stay that way. A warm up is coming, possibly with the “R” word. Therefore, we are not disturbing the natural boundary layer of ice. Between the runoff before the layer is permeated, and the required energy to burn through, you will see our plan to reduce the

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More snow on the way. New snow has to be packed. You can help!

February 9, 2018

We may get 6 more inches by Sunday night. You can help. Skiers on the trails compress the snow. More skiers will compress more snow. You get the idea. And…Compressed snow is not only easier to ski on…it lasts longer. You want the snow to last longer… You can see where this is going…So…Come ski.

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If you are reading this, come ski,

February 7, 2018

Not much to say…lots of snow…guys out grooming…leveling wide skate lanes, setting track…beautiful evergreens hanging white…quite places with singing streams…warming fireplace…good food…good drinks…and good people visiting.

Plus 3 inches of beautiful snow overnight Sunday.

February 6, 2018

We woke up to enough white that you could not tell that it was all groomed the day before. That’s a good thing. The guys will hit it hard Tuesday. Should pack well…very wet snow. Forecast is 1-3 Tuesday and 3-6 Wednesday. Looking pretty good!

3-5 overnight

February 4, 2018

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… both sides Lodge Side was packed early then we moved across the road….tearing out the track next and be resetting… Getting good heavy wet snow which will set up nice after it settles. It’s a good day at Wilderness.