Open today the 19th

February 19, 2017

The field is just open at the time. The woods retained the snow…amazing seeing that Erie had a 70 degree record. Pictures from this morning..

Yea! Feb 16th.

February 15, 2017

Thursday morning… new total a foot of snow. Wednesday snow now over three inches-the good stuff-mini ball bearings. Credited to Phil James for his article ‘The Inuits’ Hundred Words for Snow.’ We believe this type is called briktla- good building snow.  This storm is to continue into tomorrow creating – ylaipi- tomorrow’s snow.  So we

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Needs to freeze

February 13, 2017

We caught rain Sunday which turned to snow later. Only about two inches accumulated leaving the field almost white.  The woods once again needs to refreeze. Snow is predicted Wednesday afternoon with heavier snow that night into Thursday. So the weekend looks more promising for overall conditions. In the meanwhile, everythkbg is in that transition

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February 11, 2017

We packed until 5 and got and inch or so after which we are leaving to be skied in. Some track set. Overall fair, by our standards,with some places good.

Evening of the 9th.

February 10, 2017

We had 6-7 inches of by 5 p.m with more snow predicted until midnight. At least one forecast is calling for some more snow tomorrow.  There was adequate snow to ski to the woods where the snow was overall better.The additional evening snow will improve the entire area. The lodge trail are open and we

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Feb. 9th.

February 9, 2017

The rain earlier this week was a setback, but we held the woods. Fortunately, the cold settled in and we are collecting some snow to hopefully make the field skiable. Will keep you posted.

Picture of the day 

February 6, 2017

Credits to Ed Gray. Tony Mathie and Jim McMaster at the top of Wildcat Hollow-second lap of the 20k. Great shot.