We had the Quad Ski Race and then warming..but still snow in the woods

January 23, 2018

Great Day at Wilderness Lodge. More than 120 skiers and about 50 snowshoers gathered to negotiate the trails, laugh, meet old friends and reconnect within this wellness event sponsored by the Erie YMCA. Trails were snow packed and the warm afternoon was not ideal, but the event organizers and the participants were happy.

Since then, a warm up and rain has obliterated the field. The good news is that in the woods the snow is holding! Wednesday and Thursday will be colder and the trails will be open.

Niels Pedersen, age 80+, is one our all time favorite skiers. Still racing and originally from Denmark, a Nordic Country, Niels is a gentleman who embodies the spirit of Cross Country or Nordic Skiing. Say hi to Niels when you see him in the Lodge because you might have trouble catching up with him on the trails.