Critical Analysis, Measurable and Definable Data, and Wilderness Lodge Reports.

December 30, 2017

Two of these three things have nothing in common.

There are those who are sometimes mired in the minutia. “How much snow do you have?”, becomes “Exactly how much snow fell in the last twenty four hour period?”

Our reports tend to go something like “Sking is good or we’re open but…” This system works because we are talking about a moving target.

Yesterday, as an example, we has a couple of inches of fresh snow. By the time the first skier came, most of the first tier Lodge side had good skating and set track. When the afternoon was over, we had opened West Field for the first time all season, we had miles of single and double track, the skating was hard and fast. A great day of skiing.

We appreciate and understand the importance of detail, of the scientific experience, of the quest for knowledge….But our effort is in the arena of the quality of experience.

Imagine that you are in the woods, standing under one of our majestic hemlock, appreciating the moment, the serenity, the feeling of being close to and part of Mother Nature. Then, a quick wind catches the boughs. The snow is released overhead and you are showered by a clump. We hope you would be smiling with the irony of the moment.

It is that moment, that experience we hope you find here.

Our Report. We got a little over three inches overnight. It is snowing lightly as this is being written and we are starting over. Have a Great Day!