January 10, 2017

We are closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday to recharge the Lodge for the coming week. Open to Season Pass holders and had people coming and going all day. Good to see. 

Yesterday, we got a foot or more of fresh snow. There was three inches on the steps when we started. The snowfall grew progressively more heavy later in the afternoon. 

There were times the Lodge was in a haze only thirty yards away. The trees behind eighty to ninety yards would disappear. 

We only rolled the Lodge side till I sent Joe home just before three. The guys have worked incredibly hard in frigid temperatures, winds and  heavy accumulations. 

The lodge side was rolled this morning leaving the trail sides with four to five inches deep ungroomed.

This is our insurance for the warm up which is predicted. Our base has been packed tight. We have shoveled in many areas when the runoff continued. The temps below ten degrees helped tighten things up. 

That’s all we can do. Now I need to explain the next picture.  

No. This situation is not making us turn to drink and we are in no manner promoting these brands or any particular form of liquor.

Two of our skiers\friends, one each weekend, thought to bring a sample of liquids they wanted to share. The bottles  will remain unopened until we are together with time to sit down together. 

I took the picture to let people see the snow at the Lodge, and to remind myself and everyone else that winters come and go, but Friendship warms the heart…and sometimes the tongue.