Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best!

December 11, 2016

You are looking at the first track setter at Wilderness Lodge.It was made by my father, Jim Janes, over forty years ago.

The fastest ski racer and the original ski instructor at the lodge was Warner Bacon. 

Dad went out into the snow and measured Warner’s track, the width apart  the depth of the skiis, the offset for the old three pin bindings. He then drew the plans for a groomer which would split the snow packing the sides, and had weight in the bottom to pack the bottom. 

He had it welded out of stainless steel which was not only durable, but would not collect snow. He then fabricated a hitch system, added plates to the side to maintain straight tracking and it was done. Worked great!

Twenty years or so ago, we went into more modern equipment. The track setter was put away, but kept because it is an important part of our history.

Today, our modern equipment had not been set up for tracks, plus, we were just in the right mood to play…thus track was set using our family treasure…