Sunday-still sking…

February 28, 2016

  Here is the Schoolyard today.

 Yesterday was Wildcat picture day. We cannot say enough about this wonderful program with 90 kids, 20 volunteer instructors, plus active parents. 

It is not just about the cross country skills  shared.  Where there is laughter and pure joy, respect, the love of the outdoors, learning “I can do this!”, and the knowledge gained from the adventure of a life time activity, there is good.

Wilderness Lodge gains so much from the spirit of the Wildcats. We say “thanks.” 

Yesterday, we were told often that the good areas, which are many, had great sking. The areas in-between were passable. Today will be much the same. Going into the 50’s, we will watch the field disappear, but the woods are waiting  covered in snow.