Just Open..

February 5, 2016

The woods trails are 80% snow covered with decent base. The other 20% are wet and/or covered by two inches of fresh snow…

Update 1:00pm after taking to the groomer and getting a report from people who skied today… The good news is they skied today-skaters alley is groomed and is skate ready- and the peak trail from the road  

 near the lodge is open. High Road is thin. the bottom of the loggin road is blown out because the culvert was blocked. Be careful on any downhill for this reason. The circle of swamp fox, cow lane,  central avenue and 3/4 of practice field are open for traditional.  Main and west main are bad. You get the idea. Many places have not been open this winter. We are not bragging   about these conditions but we are open. 

Bring your old skis. This would qualify as spring sking if it weren’t the first week of February. 

  The Troll Bridge is Open!