When the forecast is 1 to 3 inches at Wilderness Lodge

January 30, 2016

This is not a complaint, getting snow is a good thing when you’re in the cross country ski business. We are aware of places in the East that have not opened yet. The Lodge just happens to be in the right place. Sometime, we will share that story, but today we got pounded…10 to 12 inches of real lake effect-good packing heavy snow. 

We had three sleds running all day just to stay ahead of it. Late afternoon the snows let up and now we are looking good. The parking lot and the road were plowed. All of the lodge side trails were rolled extensively then hit with our ginzu’s and drag to level and set the surface. All of the large trails and the majority of small trails on the East side are rolled, packed and will set up tighter overnight. 

In the morning, we will set track, do some finishing work and be ready for a splendid day of skiing.

1 to 3 would have been welcome….this was better!!