Wildcats Growl

January 27, 2016

Kudos to Jim Samuels of Erie for his win this week at the Quad Ski Race setting a record of 24:44 over the five mile course. 

And more kudos to Jim and to all the coaches in the Wilderness Wildcats youth program. Three of the first five finishers were our youth skiers. Michael Maring, age 15, second place; Tony Mathie, age 16, third place and Colton Martin, age 14, fifth place. 

These young men and all of the many young Wildcats who participated in the event are a testament to their own skill and to the instruction provided by Jim and all of the 20+ instructor who share their time, energy and cross country ski passion. 

We are proud of all the kids and all the adults who make this program so fun and so successful.

Lastly, thanks again to Ned Reade who would not stop telling me that we had to have this youth program. After three years of saying no, we agreed to support the idea and Ned gathered friends and other skiers and made it happen. Thanks Ned. Thanks Coaches, parents and kids who made Wilderness Lodge their home.