The Piano

January 21, 2016

This is a story about rebirth and hope. 

A couple of decades ago a white baby grand piano showed up at the Lodge. Mom loves auctions and I know that she used to love to be in the piano room at the old Taffs Well Inn which was near her home and where friends met to have a sing song.

So we got a piano which played reasonably well. Groups from Pittsburgh and the like would gather and sing the night away. The Lodge has always had a bit of Wales inside.

Over the years the piano fell out of tune. We brought a man in to refurbish it. He did a wonderful job on the outside and returned it to the original black finish. Looked great, but he could not bring it into tune.

So it sat in the corner and collected pictures and odd “works of art.” Years passed. Almost a year ago, the decision was made that the piano must play or go.

Another man was brought in who came and tinkered, came and tinkered, came again, etc. His labor continued until late this fall when we were told that the piano has been made right and holds tune.

We learned that this piano was a Knabe, a better brand, handmade in the 20’s and was very popular with Jazz musicians.

This Friday night, we rechristen the piano.

Dan Hallett, jazz pianist, and the man who fixed the piano, will be playing at the Lodge. On the order of historic events, this does not break the surface. But in the realm of Wilderness Lodge, the night will be full of friends and music from a baby grand. Doesn’t get much better.