Open Sunday

January 2, 2016


1. The weather prediction is a 50% chance of snow overnight and 90% tomorrow. 

2. Things have stayed below freezing, which is good to help set areas up. 

3. Will it be good? Now we are into the beauty is in the eye of the beholder concept. Some places will be good, i.e. North Field, Practice Field. Some will not, the entrance to Swamp Fox, High Road is thin, etc. 

4. Did we allow a few skiers out today? Yes. People who drive out were permitted on the trails. They did have fun but had to negotiate around the water.

5. Did we work on the trails today? Yes, we were out all day, cutting down trees, picking up branches and rolling miles of trails to compress the snow and to help the freezing process. 

6. So. Do not bring your new skis. There will still be wet spots. We will be out grooming as the snow comes. 

7. We will repost again in the morning