Friday the 13th.

March 13, 2015

Is there any correlation between the glass being half full versus half empty and the role of superstition? 

One could argue that the pessimistic mind is more prone to negative thinking and therefore more apt to dwell on the possibility of increased risk caused by black cats, broken mirrors and foreboding dates and numbers. 

The alternate view would portend the joyful optimist, being somewhat more Pollyanna in approach, may perhaps be less suseptable to these inclinations. And therefore, always be looking at the bright side of life. 

We, at the Lodge, tend to appreciate the more realistic approach to viewing our circumstances. This slight warm trend has not materially made skiing here any less enjoyable. People skied here today and the comments were very favorable. 

Given our overall sense of well being, one would assume a very low leaning toward superstitions. This is true with a couple of notable exceptions…in winter we don’t say the “R” word, nor will you hear us say, “I wish it would stop snowing so things would settle a bit.” 

The last time those words were uttered, it rained three days straight with fifty degree temperatures and we watched all the snow settle down French Creek.

Happy Friday the 13th. Skiing is good and probably Sunday will the best day for skiing this weekend..,something to do with the “R” word.

For those who read this far, Saturday is Einstein’s birthday. It is also a Pi day, 3/14/15, the first five digits of Pi. So at 9:28:53, it will be 3.141592853, the first ten digits of Pi. Pretty exciting stuff.