Cymru am byth “Wales for ever”

March 7, 2015

March 10th. Is Saint David’s day, a national day of holiday in Wales. Saint David was a fifth century cleric, who became the patron saint of Wales. The most famous story of Saint David is that he was preaching to a large crowd of people and the ground is said to have risen up so he was standing on a hill and the people to hear better. Back in the fifth century this must have been a big deal.

What does this have to do with Wilderness Lodge?

My father, James H. Janes, Jim, as a marine stationed in South Wales near Cardiff, Wales met my mother, Sybil Megan Morley, Nansi, at a dance. She loved to do all the dances of the day. He was a Yank and shuffled like all the other Yanks. 

He ended up walking her home and met her father, who took an immediate liking to Jim. So as the story goes, she would go out to dances and come home to find her dad sitting in the front room talking to my dad. Soon enough, they married and at the end of the war, Mom, the new war bride, left Wales and came to the U.S.A.

The Lodge was born out of the Jim and Nansi’s family farm, but that is another story. 

We will be playing Welsh music and will hang the Welsh flag off the deck. Happy Saint David’s Weekend. As you can see, everything is groomed and ready. And by the way, the lodge is on a big hill….just a coincidence???