People hate Winter…present company excepted

February 23, 2015

It is Monday, and we all know the office, coffee shop, catch up after the weekend talk will center on how bad the winter is. Snow followed by negative something, followed by more snow…

And you sit comfortably looking at your screen saver of some small patch of pine woods hanging low over a set of tracks. You have been there and will return. You smile as the naysayers grope for words to discuss their distain over the same topic which they mutually beat up the prior Monday.

Words like “cabin fever”, “going to Florida” and “so tired of this” flow spilling down into a pooling of social malaise.

You truly feel for them. When you try to share what you did last weekend and how the endorphins from your ski gave you a sense of euphoric freedom or how the woods are “lovely, dark and deep”, they turn, knowing you are possibly not well.

You, We are a minority. Reflect and Rejoice in it. Smile and Carry On.