February 22, 2015


Frosty Sunday morning looking towards the woods.

Our snow grooming efforts took a major change last year with the addition of Nick and Joe, our two groomers.. We now have at least two sleds running six days a week and sometimes seven. As a result, the quality of our trails is consistent.

Days like Saturday are a challenge. When we stopped grooming Friday evening, 98% of our trails were packed, tracked and ready for the weekend.

It snowed from sunup to almost sundown and we probably had 6-7 inches of new snow. As we worked one side of the road, the other would accumulate snow, and vice versa. We just managed to keep ahead of things. This is not a complaint…just reality in the world of sking.

Today, things have settled down. The sun is out and temps will be in the mid 20’s. Another great day to go grooming! For those of you who like sking, it’s a pretty good day for that also.